Tennis for Kids and Adults

Maggie's Tennis offers a high quality tennis program for kids and adults right in heart of Fort Myers, FL!

Maggie's Tennis offers a great opportunity for children to learn tennis in a positive and fun environment.  Children at Maggie's Tennis will develop sportsmanship, social skills and motor skills, which will promote sucess and the desire to learn and participate in a lifetime sport.

Tennis has been Maggie's passion since childhood and she transmits her love for tennis to all her students in every lesson. Maggie takes a special interest in each of her students as they develop, accomplish and improve their tennis skills.

All levels (beginners, intermediate and advance) are invited to join our lessons.

Give us a call and we'll see you on the courts!

From beginners to advanced players, we offer a variety of programs to fit your level, ability and age. 

What will your kid learn?
  • Groundstrokes (forehand & backhand)
  • Volleys
  • Serve (slice, spin, flat, etc.)
  • Basics (footwork, mechanics, placement, positioning, etc.) 
  • Psychology & strategy (results through effective, efficient thinking) To put the little yellow ball where the opponent isn't and have fun doing so.

Available for an extra fee: DIGITAL - PHOTO/VIDEO stroke analysis.